Android Robocar

Build your own small autonomous car with Android Things.

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You’re almost done.

The software for the project is a regular Android project. You can simply import the robocar folder with Android Studio.


If you want to control your Robocar with a Bluetooth controller, and you probably want, there’s one line of code that you need to manually change. You need to edit RobocarConstants and set the address of your controller. You can obtain this value in a couple of ways:

If you connect your controller via USB, there’s nothing you need to change.

We’re actively working to make this set up easier, stay tuned.


You can install the app like any other Android Things project.

If you aren’t familiar with the process, you can see detailed instructions on the official documentation.

Once the app gets installed, your Robocar is ready to receive commands. Enjoy!

Questions? Please open a ticket.